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Sale or return

an arrangement by which a retailer pays only for goods sold, returning those that are unsold to the wholesaler or manufacturer


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  • Salep

    noun 1. a starchy, demulcent drug or foodstuff consisting of the dried tubers of certain orchids. noun 1. the dried ground starchy tubers of various orchids, used for food and formerly as drugs

  • Saleratus

    noun 1. sodium bicarbonate used in cookery; baking soda. noun 1. another name for sodium bicarbonate, esp when used in baking powders

  • Salerno

    noun 1. a seaport in SW Italy: taken by U.S. forces September 1943. noun 1. a port in SW Italy, in Campania on the Gulf of Salerno: first medical school of medieval Europe. Pop: 138 188 (2001)

  • Saleroom

    noun 1. Chiefly British. salesroom (def 2). noun 1. (mainly Brit) a room where objects are displayed for sale, esp by auction

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