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noun, Informal.
sales representative.


Read Also:

  • Sales-representative

    noun 1. a person or organization designated by a company to solicit business on its behalf in a specified territory or foreign country: I suggest you contact our Chicago sales representative. 2. traveling salesman.

  • Sales-resistance

    noun 1. the ability or inclination to refuse to buy a product, service, etc., offered. sales resistance noun 1. opposition of potential customers to selling, esp aggressive selling

  • Salesroom

    noun 1. a room in which goods are sold or displayed. 2. Also, especially British, saleroom. an auction room. noun 1. a room in which merchandise on sale is displayed

  • Sales-slip

    noun 1. a receipt or other slip of paper issued by a store or other vendor showing where a purchase was made and also the amount, date, department, etc.

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