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a city in W California.
a saline marsh, spring, or the like.
a saltworks.
a city in central Kansas.
a salt marsh, lake, or spring
(sə-lī’nə, -lē’-)

An area of land encrusted with crystalline salt, especially a salt pan or a salt-encrusted playa.

A body of water, such as a salt marsh, spring, pond, or lake, having a high saline content.


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    adjective 1. of, containing, or resembling common table salt; salty or saltlike: a saline solution. 2. of or relating to a chemical salt, especially of sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc., as used as a cathartic. 3. of or relating to a method of abortion involving injection of hypertonic saline solution into the amniotic cavity during the […]

  • Saline agglutinin

    saline agglutinin n. An antibody that causes agglutination of Rh-positive red blood cells when they are suspended either in saline or in a protein medium. Also called complete antibody.

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    saline solution n. A solution of any salt, usually an isotonic sodium chloride solution. Also called salt solution.

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