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belonging or pertaining to the family Salmonidae, including the salmons, trouts, chars, and whitefishes.
a salmonid fish.
any fish of the family Salmonidiae


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  • Salmonoid

    adjective 1. resembling a salmon. 2. belonging or pertaining to the suborder Salmonoidea, to which the salmon family belongs. noun 3. a salmonoid fish. adjective 1. of, relating to, or belonging to the Salmonoidea, a suborder of soft-finned teleost fishes having a fatty fin between the dorsal and tail fins: includes the salmon, whitefish, grayling, […]

  • Salmon-pink

    noun 1. salmon (defs 4, 5). noun 1. a yellowish-pink colour, sometimes with an orange tinge (as adjective): a salmon-pink hat Sometimes shortened to salmon

  • Salmon-river-mountains

    plural noun 1. a range in central Idaho. Highest peak, 10,340 feet (3150 meters).

  • Salmon-trout

    noun 1. a European trout, Salmo trutta. 2. the lake trout, Salvelinus namaycush. 3. the steelhead. 4. any large trout. salmon trout noun 1. any of various large trout, esp the sea trout

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