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a box in which salt is kept.
a type of house found especially in New England, generally two full stories high in front and one story high in back, the roof having about the same pitch in both directions so that the ridge is well toward the front of the house.


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  • Saltbush

    noun 1. any of various plants or shrubs of the genus Atriplex, having mostly alternate leaves and clusters of inconspicuous flowers, often growing in saline or alkaline soil. noun 1. any of various chenopodiaceous shrubs of the genus Atriplex that grow in alkaline desert regions

  • Salt-cake

    noun, Chemistry. 1. an impure form of sodium sulfate, especially as obtained by the interaction of sulfuric acid and common salt in the synthesis of hydrochloric acid: used chiefly in the manufacture of glass, ceramic glazes, soaps, and sodium salts. noun 1. an impure form of sodium sulphate obtained as a by-product in several industrial […]

  • Salt-cedar

    noun 1. a shrub or small tree, Tamarix gallica, of the Mediterranean region, having bluish foliage and white or pinkish flowers.

  • Saltcellar

    noun 1. a shaker or dish for salt. noun 1. a small container for salt used at the table 2. (Brit, informal) either of the two hollows formed above the collarbones of very slim people

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