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Salt substrate

[MIT] Collective noun used to refer to potato chips, pretzels, saltines, or any other form of snack food designed primarily as a carrier for sodium chloride. From the technical term “chip substrate”, used to refer to the silicon on the top of which the active parts of integrated circuits are deposited.


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  • Saltus

    noun, plural saltuses. Mathematics. 1. oscillation (def 5b). noun (pl) -tuses 1. a break in the continuity of a sequence, esp the omission of a necessary step in a logical argument

  • Saltwater

    adjective 1. of or relating to salt water. 2. inhabiting salt water: a saltwater fish. adjective 1. of, relating to, or inhabiting salt water, esp the sea: saltwater fishes saltwater (sôlt’wô’tər) Consisting of or living in salty water, especially seawater.

  • Salt-water

    noun 1. water containing a large amount of salt. 2. seawater.

  • Saltwater-taffy

    noun 1. a taffy sometimes made with seawater but more generally made with salted fresh water.

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