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pertaining to or adapted for saltation.
proceeding by abrupt movements.

saltatory sal·ta·to·ry (sāl’tə-tôr’ē, sôl’-)

Of, relating to, or adapted for leaping or dancing.

Proceeding by leaps rather than by smooth, gradual transitions.


Read Also:

  • Saltatory conduction

    saltatory conduction n. A form of nerve impulse conduction in which the impulse jumps from one Ranvier’s node to the next, rather than traveling the entire length of the nerve fiber.

  • Saltatory evolution

    saltatory evolution n. The theory that the evolution of a new species from an older one may occur as a large jump, such as a major repatterning of chromosomes, rather than by gradual accumulation of small steps or mutations.

  • Saltatory spasm

    saltatory spasm n. A spasmodic affliction of the muscles of the lower extremities that causes a person to appear to jump when standing. Also called static convulsion.

  • Salt bath

    noun 1. (metallurgy) a bath of molten salts in which steel can be immersed to soak to a uniform and accurately maintained temperature as part of the process of heat treatment. Different salts are used for different temperatures

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