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a saltworks.
a plot of land laid out in pools for the evaporation of seawater to produce salt.
another word for saltworks
a place where salt is obtained from pools of evaporated sea water


Read Also:

  • Saltfish

    noun 1. (Caribbean) salted cod

  • Salt-flat

    noun 1. an extensive level tract coated with salt deposits left by evaporation of rising ground water or a temporary body of surface water. noun 1. a flat expanse of salt left by the total evaporation of a body of water

  • Salt-gland

    noun 1. a gland, located in the head of seabirds and various marine mammals and reptiles, that secretes into the nasal passages the excess salt imbibed or ingested.

  • Saltglaze

    adjective, Ceramics. 1. having a salt glaze.

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