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lacking salt.
lacking vitality; dull; insipid:
a saltless person.


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  • Salt-losing nephritis

    salt-losing nephritis n. A rare disorder that results from renal tubular damage of unknown etiology, and is characterized by abnormal renal loss of sodium chloride.

  • Salt-marsh

    noun 1. a marshy tract that is wet with salt water or flooded by the sea. noun 1. an area of marshy ground that is intermittently inundated with salt water or that retains pools or rivulets of salt or brackish water, together with its characteristic halophytic vegetation salt marsh A marsh in which the water […]

  • Salt-marsh caterpillar

    noun 1. the fuzzy larva of a moth, Estigmene acrea, of North America, destructive to various crops.

  • Salt-mine

    noun 1. a mine from which salt is excavated. 2. Usually, salt mines. a place of habitual confinement and drudgery: After two weeks of vacation it will be back to the salt mines for the staff.

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