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a medicinal ointment for healing or relieving wounds and sores.
anything that soothes, mollifies, or relieves.
verb (used with object), salved, salving.
to soothe with or as if with salve; assuage:
to salve one’s conscience.
verb (used with or without object), salved, salving.
to save from loss or destruction; to salvage.
an ointment for wounds, sores, etc
anything that heals or soothes
verb (transitive)
to apply salve to (a wound, sore, etc)
to soothe, comfort, or appease
a less common word for salvage
an archaic word for save1 (sense 3)

salve (sāv, säv)
An analgesic or medicinal ointment.
salve v.


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