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Sam bass

Sam, 1851–78, U.S. outlaw: bank and train robber in the West.
the lowest adult male voice usually having a range from E a 13th below middle C to D a tone above it
a singer with such a voice
the bass, the lowest part in a piece of harmony See also thorough bass
(informal) short for bass guitar, double bass

the low-frequency component of an electrical audio signal, esp in a record player or tape recorder
the knob controlling this on such an instrument

relating to or denoting the bass: bass pitch, the bass part
denoting the lowest and largest instrument in a family: a bass trombone
any of various sea perches, esp Morone labrax, a popular game fish with one large spiny dorsal fin separate from a second smaller one See also sea bass, stone bass
the European perch See perch2 (sense 1)
any of various predatory North American freshwater percoid fishes, such as Micropterus salmoides, (largemouth bass): family Centrarchidae (sunfishes, etc)
another name for bast (sense 1)
short for basswood
Also called fish bass. a bast fibre bag for holding an angler’s catch
bass [(bays)]

The lowest range of the male singing voice. (Compare baritone and tenor.)


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