identical with what is about to be or has just been mentioned:
This street is the same one we were on yesterday.
being one or identical though having different names, aspects, etc.:
These are the same rules though differently worded.
agreeing in kind, amount, etc.; corresponding:
two boxes of the same dimensions.
unchanged in character, condition, etc.:
It’s the same town after all these years.
the same person or thing.
the same kind or category of thing:
You’re having steak? I’ll have the same, but very rare.
the very person, thing, or set just mentioned:
Sighted sub sank same.
the same, in the same manner; in an identical or similar way:
I see the same through your glasses as I do through mine.
all the same,

notwithstanding; nevertheless:
You don’t have to go but we wish you would, all the same.
of no difference; immaterial:
It’s all the same to me whether our team loses or wins.

just the same,

in the same manner.
It was a success, but it could easily have failed, just the same.

Contemporary Examples

The crisis we face now is financed by the same people from whom you buy your Christmas toys.
What Can We Do About North Korea? David Frum April 4, 2013

same with appointments, on which Frum has a very fair point.
Michael Tomasky on What Sullivan and Frum Get Wrong About Obama Michael Tomasky January 25, 2012

Unless Democrats can do the same, this will not be the only losing battle.
Scott Walker Won Because He Took Action Against Soaring Pension Costs Zachary Karabell June 5, 2012

But he delivered his remarks in the same low-affect, wobbly-voiced delivery to which Fed watchers have become accustomed.
Bernanke Drop the Mic as He Exits the Fed Daniel Gross December 18, 2013

A century ago, men and women lived for roughly the same number of years.
The Health Crisis Killing Manly Men Tony Doukopil April 30, 2011

Historical Examples

Night is the same as day to Le Subtil, when Munro waits for him.
The Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper

Might not the same history be told of much that is believed?
Philothea Lydia Maria Child

On the same ground might the authority of all elective political and other posts be questioned.
Freeland Theodor Hertzka

“And that would be all the same as telling Alcibiades himself,” rejoined Milza.
Philothea Lydia Maria Child

He won’t refuse them; but if he does I shall hand him the envelope just the same.
Jennie Baxter, Journalist Robert Barr

adjective the same
being the very one: she is wearing the same hat she wore yesterday

being the one previously referred to; aforesaid
(as noun): a note received about same

identical in kind, quantity, etc: two girls of the same age
(as noun): we’d like the same, please

unchanged in character or nature: his attitude is the same as ever
all the same

Also just the same. nevertheless; yet
immaterial: it’s all the same to me

in an identical manner

perhaps abstracted from Old English swa same “the same as,” but more likely from Old Norse same, samr “same,” both from Proto-Germanic *sama- “same” (cf. Old Saxon, Old High German, Gothic sama, Old High German samant, German samt “together, with,” Gothic samana “together,” Dutch zamelen “to collect,” German zusammen “together”), from PIE *samos “same,” from root *sem- (1) “one,” also “as one” (adv.), “together with” (cf. Sanskrit samah “even, level, similar, identical;” Avestan hama “similar, the same;” Greek hama “together with, at the same time,” homos “one and the same,” homios “like, resembling,” homalos “even;” Latin similis “like;” Old Irish samail “likeness;” Old Church Slavonic samu “himself”).

Old English had lost the pure form of the word; the modern word replaced synonymous ilk. As a pronoun from c.1300. Colloquial phrase same here as an exclamation of agreement is from 1895. Same difference curious way to say “equal,” is attested from 1945.

1. Standard ANSI Module language with Extensions.
2. Stripe And Mirror Everything.

same difference
same here
same old story, the
same to you

also see:

all the same
amount to the same thing
at the same time
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cast in the same mold
great minds (run in the same channel)
in the same boat
in the same breath
in the same league
one and the same
on the same wavelength

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