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a city in W California.


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  • San-antonio

    noun 1. a city in S Texas: site of the Alamo. noun 1. a city in S Texas: site of the Alamo; the leading town in Texas until about 1930. Pop: 1 214 725 (2003 est) San Antonio [(san an-toh-nee-oh)] A city in south-central Texas. Note: The location of the Alamo.

  • San-antonio-peak

    [san an-toh-nee-oh] /ˌsæn ænˈtoʊ ni oʊ/ noun 1. a mountain in S California: highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains, near San Bernardino. 10,080 feet (3072 meters).

  • Sanatana dharma

    /saˌnɑtana ˈdɑrmaː/ noun 1. the name used by Hindus for Hinduism

  • Sanatoria

    noun, plural sanatoriums, sanatoria [san-uh-tawr-ee-uh, -tohr-] /ˌsæn əˈtɔr i ə, -ˈtoʊr-/ (Show IPA) 1. a hospital for the treatment of chronic diseases, as tuberculosis or various nervous or mental disorders. 2. sanitarium. noun (pl) -riums, -ria (-rɪə) 1. an institution for the medical care and recuperation of persons who are chronically ill 2. a health […]

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