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[sahn fer-nahn-daw for 1; san fer-nan-doh for 2] /ˌsɑn fɛrˈnɑn dɔ for 1; ˌsæn fərˈnæn doʊ for 2/
a city in E Argentina, near Buenos Aires.
a city in SW California, near Los Angeles.
San Fernando
/Spanish san fɛrˈnando/
a port in Trinidad and Tobago, on Trinidad on the Gulf of Paria: the second-largest town in the country. Pop: 55 149 (2000)
an inland port in W Venezuela, on the Apure River. Pop: 84 180 (latest est) Official name San Fernando de Apure
a port in SW Spain, on the Isla de León SE of Cádiz; site of an arsenal (founded 1790) and of the most southerly observatory in Europe. Pop: 88 490 (2003 est)


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