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a town in W California, near San Francisco Bay.


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  • San-luis-obispo

    [san loo-is uh-bis-poh] /sæn ˈlu ɪs əˈbɪs poʊ/ noun 1. a city in W California.

  • San-luis-peak

    noun 1. a mountain in SW Colorado, in the San Juan Mountains. 14,014 feet (4271 meters).

  • San luis potosi

    [sahn loo-ees paw-taw-see] /ˌsɑn luˈis ˌpɔ tɔˈsi/ noun 1. a state in central Mexico. 24,415 sq. mi. (63,235 sq. km). 2. the capital of this state. San Luis Potosí /Spanish san ˈlwis potoˈsi/ noun 1. a state of central Mexico: mainly high plateau; economy based on mining (esp silver) and agriculture. Capital: San Luis Potosí. […]

  • San-manuel

    noun 1. a town in S Arizona.

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