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happy as a sandboy, jolly as a sandboy, very happy; high-spirited


Read Also:

  • Sandbug

    noun 1. mole crab.

  • Sandbur

    noun 1. any of various grasses of the genus Cenchrus, having spikelets enclosed in prickly burs. 2. any of several bur-bearing weeds growing in sandy places, as Franseria acanthicarpa or Solanum rostratum, of the western U.S.

  • Sandburg

    noun 1. Carl, 1878–1967, U.S. poet and biographer. noun 1. Carl. 1878–1967, US writer, noted esp for his poetry, often written in free verse

  • Sand-cast

    verb (used with object), sand-cast, sand-casting. 1. to produce (a casting) by pouring molten metal into sand molds. verb -casts, -casting, -cast 1. (transitive) to produce (a casting) by pouring molten metal into a mould of sand

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