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of, relating to, or containing blood.
of the color of blood.
involving much bloodshed.
sanguine; confident.
of, containing, relating to, or associated with blood
a less common word for sanguine (sense 1), sanguine (sense 2), sanguine (sense 3)

sanguineous san·guin·e·ous (sāng-gwĭn’ē-əs)
Of or relating to blood; bloody.


Read Also:

  • Sanguinity

    adjective 1. cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident: a sanguine disposition; sanguine expectations. 2. reddish; ruddy: a sanguine complexion. 3. (in old physiology) having blood as the predominating humor and consequently being ruddy-faced, cheerful, etc. 4. bloody; sanguinary. 5. blood-red; red. 6. Heraldry. a reddish-purple tincture. noun 7. a red iron-oxide crayon used in making drawings. […]

  • Sanguino-

    sanguino- or sangui- or sanguin- pref. Blood; bloody: sanguinolent.

  • Sanguinolent

    [sang-gwin-l-uh nt] /sæŋˈgwɪn l ənt/ adjective 1. of or relating to blood. 2. containing or tinged with blood; bloody. sanguinolent /sæŋˈɡwɪnələnt/ adjective 1. containing, tinged with, or mixed with blood sanguinolent san·guin·o·lent (sāng-gwĭn’ə-lənt) adj. Mixed or tinged with blood.

  • Sanguinopurulent

    sanguinopurulent san·gui·no·pu·ru·lent (sāng’gwə-nō-pyur’ə-lənt, -pyur’yə-) adj. Containing blood and pus.

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