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a pad of absorbent material, as cotton, worn by women during menstruation to absorb the uterine flow.

sanitary napkin n.
A disposable pad of absorbent material worn to absorb menstrual flow.


Read Also:

  • Sanitary protection

    noun 1. sanitary towels and tampons, collectively

  • Sanitary-towel

    noun, British. 1. sanitary napkin. sanitary towel noun 1. an absorbent pad worn externally by women during menstruation to absorb the menstrual flow

  • Sanitary-ware

    noun 1. plumbing fixtures, as sinks or toilet bowls, made of ceramic material or enameled metal.

  • Sanitate

    verb (used with object), sanitated, sanitating. 1. to make sanitary; equip with sanitary appliances: to sanitate a new town.

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