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[sahn-tyah-gaw th e laws kah-vah-ye-raws] /sɑnˈtyɑ gɔ ðɛ lɔs ˌkɑ vɑˈyɛ rɔs/
a city in the N central Dominican Republic.


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  • Sankt-moritz

    [zahngkt moh-rits] /zɑŋkt ˈmoʊ rɪts/ noun 1. German name of St. Moritz.

  • Sankt-gallen

    [zahngkt gah-luh n] /ˌzɑŋkt ˈgɑ lən/ noun 1. German name of St. Gallen.

  • Santo

    noun, plural santos [san-tohz, sahn-; Spanish sahn-taws] /ˈsæn toʊz, ˈsɑn-; Spanish ˈsɑn tɔs/ (Show IPA) 1. a carved figure of a saint, usually of wood, as from Puerto Rico, Mexico, or the southwestern U.S.

  • Santo-andre

    noun 1. a city in E Brazil, near São Paulo.

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