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a less common word for lesbianism See lesbianism

sapphism sap·phism (sāf’ĭz’əm)


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  • Sappho

    noun 1. c620–c565 b.c, Greek poet, born in Lesbos. noun 1. 6th century bc, Greek lyric poetess of Lesbos Sappho [(saf-oh)] An ancient Greek poet known for her love lyrics. Note: The word lesbian is derived from the island of Lesbos, the birthplace of Sappho, who was a homosexual.

  • Santir

    noun 1. a Persian musical instrument resembling a dulcimer.

  • Santims

    noun, plural santimi [sahn-tuh-mee] /ˈsɑn tə mi/ (Show IPA) 1. a former coin of Latvia, the 100th part of a lat.

  • Sapping

    noun 1. the juice or vital circulating fluid of a plant, especially of a woody plant. 2. any vital body fluid. 3. energy; vitality. 4. sapwood. 5. Slang. a fool; dupe. 6. Metallurgy. soft metal at the core of a bar of blister steel. verb (used with object), sapped, sapping. 7. to drain the sap […]

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