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adjective, sappier, sappiest.
abounding in sap, as a plant.
full of vitality and energy.
Slang. silly or foolish.
adjective -pier, -piest
(of plants) full of sap
full of energy or vitality
(slang) silly or fatuous


Read Also:

  • Sapraemia

    noun 1. (pathol) blood poisoning caused by toxins of putrefactive bacteria

  • Sapremia

    noun, Pathology. 1. blood poisoning caused by the toxins produced by bacterial putrefaction, as in gangrene. sapremia or sa·prae·mi·a (sə-prē’mē-ə) n. Blood poisoning resulting from the absorption of the products of putrefaction.

  • Sapro-

    1. a combining form meaning “rotten,” used in the formation of compound words: saprogenic. combining form 1. indicating dead or decaying matter: saprogenic, saprolite sapro- or sapr- pref. Decay; putrefaction; decomposition: saprogenic. Dead or decaying organic material: saprophyte.

  • Saprobe

    noun, Biology. 1. saprophyte. noun 1. an organism, esp a fungus, that lives on decaying organisms; a saprotroph See also saprophyte saprobe sap·robe (sāp’rōb’) n. An organism that derives its nourishment from nonliving or decaying organic matter. sap·ro’bi·al (sā-prō’bē-əl) or sap·ro’bic (-bĭk) adj.

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