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noun, plural sarcinas, sarcinae
[sahr-suh-nee] /ˈsɑr səˌni/ (Show IPA). Bacteriology.
any of several spherical, saprophytic bacteria of the genus Sarcina, having a cuboidal cell arrangement.

Sarcina Sar·ci·na (sär’sə-nə)
A genus of anaerobic gram-positive bacteria including both saprophytic and facultatively parasitic species.


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  • Sarco-

    1. a combining form meaning “flesh,” used in the formation of compound words: sarcocarp. combining form 1. indicating flesh: sarcoma sarco- or sarc- pref. Flesh: sarcocele. Striated muscle: sarcolemma.

  • Sarcoadenoma

    [sahr-koh-ad-n-oh-muh] /ˌsɑr koʊˌæd nˈoʊ mə/ noun, plural sarcoadenomas, sarcoadenomata [sahr-koh-ad-n-oh-muh-tuh] /ˌsɑr koʊˌæd nˈoʊ mə tə/ (Show IPA). Pathology. 1. adenosarcoma.

  • Sarcoblast

    sarcoblast sar·co·blast (sär’kə-blāst’) n. See myoblast.

  • Sarcocarcinoma

    [sahr-koh-kahr-suh-noh-muh] /ˌsɑr koʊˌkɑr səˈnoʊ mə/ noun, plural sarcocarcinomas, sarcocarcinomata [sahr-koh-kahr-suh-noh-muh-tuh] /ˌsɑr koʊˌkɑr səˈnoʊ mə tə/ (Show IPA). Pathology. 1. carcinosarcoma. sarcocarcinoma sar·co·car·ci·no·ma (sär’kō-kär’sə-nō’mə) n. See carcinosarcoma.

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