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sarcocele sar·co·cele (sär’kə-sēl’)
A fleshy tumor or sarcoma of the testis.


Read Also:

  • Sarcocystis

    Sarcocystis Sar·co·cys·tis (sär’kə-sĭs’tĭs) n. A genus of protozoan parasites, related to the sporozoan genera Eimeria, Isospora, and Toxoplasma.

  • Sarcocystis hominis

    Sarcocystis hominis Sarcocystis hom·i·nis (hŏm’ə-nĭs) n. A protozoan that is parasitic in human intestines and is transmitted by eating beef from cattle that have been infected by contact with contaminated human feces.

  • Sarcocystis suihominis

    Sarcocystis suihominis Sarcocystis su·i·hom·i·nis (sōō’ē-hŏm’ə-nĭs) n. A widespread protozoan that causes intestinal infections in humans who have eaten pork from pigs that have become infected by contact with contaminated human feces.

  • Sarcode

    noun 1. protoplasm, especially the semifluid content of a protozoan.

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