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sarcosis sar·co·sis (sär-kō’sĭs)

An abnormal increase of body tissue.

A growth of fleshy tumors.

A diffuse sarcoma involving an entire organ.


Read Also:

  • Sarcosome

    noun, Cell Biology. 1. a mitochondrion occurring in a muscle fiber. sarcosome sar·co·some (sär’kə-sōm’) n. A large specialized mitochondrion found in striated muscle.

  • Sarcostosis

    sarcostosis sar·cos·to·sis (sär’kŏ-stō’sĭs) n. Ossification of muscular tissue.

  • Sarcostyle

    sarcostyle sar·co·style (sär’kə-stīl’) n. See myofibril.

  • Sarcotic

    sarcotic sar·cot·ic (sär-kŏt’ĭk) adj. Of or relating to sarcosis. Causing an increase of body tissue.

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