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a large island in the Mediterranean, W of Italy: with small nearby islands it comprises a department of Italy. 9301 sq. mi. (24,090 sq. km).
a former kingdom 1720–1860, including this island and Savoy, Piedmont, and Genoa (after 1815) in NW Italy: ruled by the House of Savoy.
Capital: Turin.
the second-largest island in the Mediterranean: forms, with offshore islands, an administrative region of Italy; ceded to Savoy by Austria in 1720 in exchange for Sicily and formed the Kingdom of Sardinia with Piedmont; became part of Italy in 1861. Capital: Cagliari. Pop: 1 637 639 (2003 est). Area: 24 089 sq km (9301 sq miles) Italian name Sardegna

Sardinia definition

Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea west of the mainland of Italy.

Note: The kingdom of Sardinia, which was founded in the early eighteenth century, became the nucleus of united Italy during the nineteenth century.


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