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a variant spelling of Zarqa


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  • Sarking

    noun 1. (Scot & Northern English, NZ) a timber or felt cladding placed over the rafters of a roof before the tiles or slates are fixed in place

  • Sarkozy

    noun 1. Nicolas(niːkɒˌlaː). born 1955, French centre-right politician, president of France from 2007 to 2012

  • Sarky

    adjective, British Slang. 1. sarcastic. adjective -kier, -kiest 1. (Brit, informal) sarcastic

  • Sarmatia

    noun 1. the ancient name of a region in E Europe, between the Vistula and the Volga. noun 1. the ancient name of a region between the Volga and Vistula Rivers now covering parts of Poland, Belarus, and SW Russia

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