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Andrea del
[ahn-drey-uh del;; Italian ahn-dre-ah del] /ɑnˈdreɪ ə dɛl;; Italian ɑnˈdrɛ ɑ dɛl/ (Show IPA), .
Historical Examples

I communicated this suspicion to Sarto and Maffio, and we at once set to work to make the church defensible.
Out with Garibaldi G. A. Henty

I should like to have Sarto and Maffio, if you can spare them; as to the other three I leave it to you entirely.
Out with Garibaldi G. A. Henty

Frank was silent, and Sarto added, Do you not think so, Percival?
Out with Garibaldi G. A. Henty

Sarto asked, in some surprise at the tone in which Frank spoke.
Out with Garibaldi G. A. Henty

But you dont think, you cant think, Percival—— Sarto said, in a tone of horror.
Out with Garibaldi G. A. Henty

I would give something to know which among the men we are passing are those who have been on your track, Sarto remarked.
Out with Garibaldi G. A. Henty

It was almost as bad as one of your football tussles, Sarto laughed.
Out with Garibaldi G. A. Henty

Sarto and Maffio returned at this moment, and the three heartily congratulated Frank on his promotion.
Out with Garibaldi G. A. Henty

Maffio asked—for both he and Sarto were beginning to feel a profound respect for the opinion of their companion.
Out with Garibaldi G. A. Henty

That is a capital plan, Sarto exclaimed; and a murmur from the others showed that they too warmly approved.
Out with Garibaldi G. A. Henty

Andrea del (anˈdrɛːa del). 1486–1531, Florentine painter. His works include The Nativity of the Virgin (1514) in the church of Sant’ Annunziata, Florence


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