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noun, plural sastrugi
[sas-truh-gee, sah-struh-, sa-stroo-, sah-] /ˈsæs trə gi, ˈsɑ strə-, sæˈstru-, sɑ-/ (Show IPA)
Usually, sastrugi. ridges of snow formed on a snowfield by the action of the wind.
one of a series of ridges on snow-covered plains, caused by the action of wind laden with ice particles
sastrugi (sā-str’gə, sä’strə-) also zastrugi
(sā-str’gə, sä’strə-)
Long, wavelike ridges of snow, formed by the wind and found on the polar plains. Sastrugi are usually up to several meters high and are often parallel to the prevailing wind direction.


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