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noun, French Le Soulier de Satin
a play (1925–28) by Paul Claudel.


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  • Satin-spar

    noun, Mineralogy. 1. a fibrous variety of gypsum having a silky luster, used as a gem.

  • Sask.

    1. Saskatchewan. abbreviation 1. Saskatchewan Sask. Saskatchewan

  • Satinwood

    noun 1. the satiny wood of an East Indian tree, Chloroxylon swietenia, of the rue family, used especially for making furniture. 2. the tree itself. noun 1. a rutaceous tree, Chloroxylon swietenia, that occurs in the East Indies and has hard wood with a satiny texture 2. the wood of this tree, used in veneering, […]

  • Satiny

    adjective 1. satinlike; smooth; glossy.

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