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carrying capacity.


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  • Saturation-point

    noun 1. the point at which a substance will receive no more of another substance in solution, chemical combination, etc. 2. a point at which some capacity is at its fullest; limit: After a while she reached the saturation point and could absorb nothing more from the lectures. saturation point noun 1. the point at […]

  • Saturator

    noun 1. saturater. 2. Chemistry. a device for saturating an inert gas with the vapor of a volatile liquid by slowly bubbling the gas through it. noun 1. a person or thing that saturates.

  • Saturday

    noun 1. the seventh day of the week, following Friday. noun 1. the seventh and last day of the week: the Jewish Sabbath

  • Saturday-night special

    [sat-er-dey-nahyt, -dee-] /ˈsæt ər deɪˌnaɪt, -di-/ noun, Informal. 1. a cheap, small-caliber handgun that is easily obtainable and concealable. (From police slang for a cheap handgun) A quick-and-dirty program or feature kluged together during off hours, under a deadline, and in response to pressure from a salescritter. Such hacks are dangerously unreliable, but all too […]

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