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noun, Informal: Older Use.
a saucy person.
(informal) a saucy person


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  • Sauced

    adjective, Slang. 1. intoxicated; drunk. noun 1. any preparation, usually liquid or semiliquid, eaten as a gravy or as a relish accompanying food. 2. stewed fruit, often puréed and served as an accompaniment to meat, dessert, or other food: cranberry sauce. 3. something that adds piquance or zest. 4. Informal. impertinence; sauciness. 5. Slang. hard […]

  • Sauce-espagnole

    [saws es-puh n-yohl, -pan-; French soh ses-pa-nyawl] /ˈsɔs ˌɛs pənˈyoʊl, -pæn-; French soʊ sɛs paˈnyɔl/ noun 1. brown sauce.

  • Sauce figaro

    noun See figaro sauce

  • Satin-weave

    noun 1. one of the basic weave structures in which the filling threads are interlaced with the warp at widely separated intervals, producing the effect of an unbroken surface.

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