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See sauté pan


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  • Sautille

    adjective, adverb, Music. 1. saltando.

  • Sautoir

    noun, plural sautoirs [soh-twahrz, saw-; French soh-twar] /soʊˈtwɑrz, sɔ-; French soʊˈtwar/ (Show IPA) 1. a ribbon, chain, scarf, or the like, tied around the neck in such a manner that the ends cross over each other. 2. a chain to which a pendant is attached, worn around the neck. noun See sauté pan

  • Sauve qui peut

    /sov ki pø/ noun 1. a state of panic or disorder; rout

  • Sauvignon

    noun 1. a small blue-black grape grown primarily in the Médoc region of Bordeaux, in SW France, and highly prized in winemaking.

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