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a quality that makes up for other generally negative characteristics; redeeming feature.


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  • Savings

    adjective 1. tending or serving to save; rescuing; preserving. 2. compensating; redeeming: a saving sense of humor. 3. thrifty; economical: a saving housekeeper. 4. making a reservation: a saving clause. noun 5. a reduction or lessening of expenditure or outlay: a saving of 10 percent. 6. something that is saved. 7. savings, sums of money […]

  • Savings-account

    noun 1. a bank account on which interest is paid, traditionally one for which a bankbook is used to record deposits, withdrawals, and interest payments. savings account noun 1. an account at a bank that accumulates interest

  • Savings-and-loan-association

    noun 1. a cooperative savings institution, chartered and regulated by a state or the federal government, that receives deposits in exchange for shares of ownership and invests its funds chiefly in loans secured by first mortgages on homes. savings and loan association noun 1. a US name for a building society savings and loan association […]

  • Savings-bank

    noun 1. a bank that receives savings accounts only and pays interest to its depositors. savings bank noun 1. a bank that accepts the savings of depositors and pays interest on them 2. a container, usually having a slot in the top, for saving coins

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