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adjective, savourier, savouriest, noun, plural savouries.
savory1 .
adjective, savorier, savoriest.
pleasant or agreeable in taste or smell:
a savory aroma.
a savory jelly.
pleasing, attractive, or agreeable.
noun, plural savories.
British. an aromatic, often spicy course or dish served either as an appetizer or as a dessert, as pickled fish or brandied fruit.
attractive to the sense of taste or smell
salty or spicy; not sweet: a savoury dish
noun (pl) -vouries
a savoury dish served as an hors d’oeuvre or dessert
noun (pl) -vories
any of numerous aromatic plants of the genus Satureja, esp S. montana (winter savory) and S. hortensis (summer savory), of the Mediterranean region, having narrow leaves and white, pink, or purple flowers: family Lamiaceae (labiates)
the leaves of any of these plants, used as a potherb


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