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noun, plural sawbones, sawboneses. (used with a singular verb) Slang.
a surgeon or physician.
noun (pl) -bones, -boneses
(slang) a surgeon or doctor


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  • Sawbuck

    noun 1. a sawhorse. noun, Slang. 1. a ten-dollar bill. noun 1. (US & Canadian) a sawhorse, esp one having an X-shaped supporting structure 2. (mainly US & Canadian, slang) a ten-dollar bill sawbuck

  • Sawbuck-table

    noun 1. a table that has X -shaped legs.

  • Sawder

    noun 1. flattery; compliments (esp in the phrase soft sawder) verb (transitive) 2. to flatter

  • Sawdust

    noun 1. small particles of wood produced in sawing. noun 1. particles of wood formed by sawing

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