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adjective, Botany, Zoology.
living or growing among rocks.


Read Also:

  • Saxicolous

    adjective, Botany, Zoology. 1. living or growing among rocks. adjective 1. living on or among rocks: saxicolous plants Also saxicole, saxatile (ˈsæksəˌtaɪl)

  • Saxifragaceous

    [sak-suh-fruh-gey-shuh s] /ˌsæk sə frəˈgeɪ ʃəs/ adjective 1. belonging to the plant family Saxifragaceae. saxifragaceous /ˌsæksɪfrəˈɡeɪʃəs/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or belonging to the Saxifragaceae, a chiefly arctic and alpine family of plants having a basal rosette or cushion of leaves and small but showy flowers: includes saxifrage

  • Saxifrage

    noun 1. any plant of the genus Saxifraga, certain species of which grow wild in the clefts of rocks, other species of which are cultivated for their flowers. noun 1. any saxifragaceous plant of the genus Saxifraga, characterized by smallish white, yellow, purple, or pink flowers

  • Saxifrage-family

    noun 1. the plant family Saxifragaceae, characterized by herbaceous plants, shrubs, and small trees having alternate or opposite leaves, clustered or solitary flowers, and fruit in the form of a berry or capsule, and including the astilbe, currant, deutzia, gooseberry, hydrangea, mock orange, piggy-back plant, saxifrage, and strawberry geranium.

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