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Special Boat Service
sick building syndrome


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    abbreviation 1. strategic business unit: a division within an organization responsible for marketing its own range of products

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    hardware The hardware interface for add-in boards in later Sun-3 (and Sun-4?) workstations. [Reference?] (2001-09-07)

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    SBUV solar backscatter ultraviolet

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    Symbol, Chemistry. 1. scandium. 1. South Carolina (approved especially for use with zip code). 1. Scotch. 2. Scotland. 3. Scots. 4. Scottish. 1. namely. 1. scale. 2. scene. 3. science. 4. scientific. 5. screw. 6. scruple. 7. sculpsit. 1. Sanitary Corps. 2. Security Council (of the U.N.). 3. Signal Corps. 4. South Carolina. 5. Staff […]

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