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verb (used with object), scabbled, scabbling.
to shape or dress (stone) roughly.
(transitive) to shape (stone) roughly


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  • Scabby

    adjective, scabbier, scabbiest. 1. covered with scabs; having many scabs. 2. consisting of scabs. 3. (of an animal or plant) having scab. 4. Informal. mean or contemptible: a scabby trick. adjective -bier, -biest 1. (pathol) having an area of the skin covered with scabs 2. (pathol, obsolete) having scabies 3. (informal) despicable scabby scab·by (skāb’ē) […]

  • Scabby mouth

    noun 1. (Austral) another name for orf

  • Scabicide

    adjective 1. Also, scabicidal. destructive to the organisms causing scabies. noun 2. a scabicide agent. scabicide sca·bi·cide (skā’bĭ-sīd’) n. An agent that kills itch mites. sca’bi·cid’al (-sīd’l) adj.

  • Scabies

    noun, (used with a singular verb) Pathology, Veterinary Pathology. 1. a contagious skin disease occurring especially in sheep and cattle and also in humans, caused by the itch mite, Sarcoptes scabiei, which burrows under the skin. Compare itch (def 10), mange. noun 1. a contagious skin infection caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei, characterized by […]

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