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noun, Archaic.
noun (pl) -lades, -lados
short for escalade


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  • Scala-cordonata

    [Italian skah-lah kawr-daw-nah-tah] /Italian ˈskɑ lɑ ˌkɔr dɔˈnɑ tɑ/ noun, plural scale cordonate [Italian skah-le kawr-daw-nah-te] /Italian ˈskɑ lɛ ˌkɔr dɔˈnɑ tɛ/ (Show IPA) 1. a ramp having the form of broad, slightly inclined steps.

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    adjective 1. capable of being scaled: the scalable slope of a mountain. adjective 1. capable of being scaled or climbed 2. (computing) (of a network) able to be expanded to cope with increased use

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    graphics, World-Wide Web A W3C standard for vector graphics, based on XML. (http://w3.org/Graphics/SVG/). (2001-02-06)

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