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[skeyp-goh-tiz-uh m] /ˈskeɪp goʊˌtɪz əm/
the act or practice of assigning blame or failure to another, as to deflect attention or responsibility away from oneself.


Read Also:

  • Scapegrace

    noun 1. a complete rogue or rascal; a habitually unscrupulous person; scamp. noun 1. an idle mischievous person

  • Scapewheel

    noun 1. a less common name for escape wheel

  • Scape-wheel

    noun, Horology. 1. escape wheel.

  • Scaph

    1. a combining form meaning “boat,” used in the formation of compound words: scaphocephaly. scapho- pref. Boat; boat-shaped: scaphocephalic.

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