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or scaphocephalism
[skaf-uh-sef-uh-lee] /ˌskæf əˈsɛf ə li/
noun, Pathology.
premature closure of the sagittal suture resulting in a deformed skull having an elongated, keellike shape.


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  • Scaphoid

    adjective 1. boat-shaped; navicular. noun 2. Anatomy. a navicular. adjective 1. (anatomy) an obsolete word for navicular scaphoid scaph·oid (skāf’oid’) adj. Shaped like a boat; hollow. n. See navicular.

  • Scaphoid abdomen

    scaphoid abdomen n. See navicular abdomen.

  • Scaphoid scapula

    scaphoid scapula n. A scapula in which the vertebral border below the level of the spine is concave instead of convex.

  • Scaphopod

    noun 1. any mollusk of the class Scaphopoda, comprising the tooth shells. adjective 2. Also, scaphopodous [skuh-fop-uh-duh s] /skəˈfɒp ə dəs/ (Show IPA). belonging or pertaining to the Scaphopoda. noun 1. any marine mollusc of the class Scaphopoda, which includes the tusk (or tooth) shells

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