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scapulectomy scap·u·lec·to·my (skāp’yə-lěk’tə-mē)
Surgical removal of the scapula.


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  • Scapulimancy

    or scapulomancy [skap-yuh-luh-man-see] /ˈskæp yə ləˌmæn si/ noun 1. divination of the future by observation of the cracking of a mammal’s scapula that has been heated by a fire or hot instrument. noun divination by shoulder blade bone that has been heated to cracked or burned state; also written scapulomancy , also called spatulamancy See […]

  • Scapulo-

    1. a combining form representing scapula, in compound words: scapulohumeral. scapulo- pref. Shoulder: scapulopexy.

  • Scapuloclavicular

    scapuloclavicular scap·u·lo·cla·vic·u·lar (skāp’yə-lō-klə-vĭk’yə-lər) adj. Acromioclavicular. Coracoclavicular.

  • Scapulocostal syndrome

    scapulocostal syndrome scap·u·lo·cos·tal syndrome (skāp’yə-lō-kŏs’təl) n. Pain in the upper or posterior part of the shoulder radiating into the neck, head, arm, or chest, caused by an abnormal relationship between the scapula and the posterior wall of the thorax.

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