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divination by excrement
Word Origin

Greek skat ‘excrement’


Read Also:

  • Scatophagy

    scatophagy sca·toph·a·gy (skā-tŏf’ə-jē) n. The eating of excrement. Also called coprophagy.

  • Scatoscopy

    noun, Medicine/Medical. 1. examination of the feces for diagnostic purposes. scatoscopy sca·tos·co·py (skā-tŏs’kə-pē) n. Examination of the feces for diagnostic purposes.

  • Scat-singing

    noun, Jazz. 1. singing in which the singer substitutes improvised nonsense syllables for the words of a song, and tries to sound and phrase like a musical instrument.

  • Scatt

    noun 1. scat5 . noun 1. (in the Shetland and Orkney Islands) a crown tax, as for use of common lands. verb scats, scatting, scatted 1. (intransitive; usually imperative) (informal) to go away in haste noun 1. a type of jazz singing characterized by improvised vocal sounds instead of words verb scats, scatting, scatted 2. […]

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