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a woman’s small ornamental pin, usually worn with other similar pins on a dress, suit jacket, etc.
a small decorative pin usually worn in groups of two or three


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  • Scatter-rug

    noun 1. a small rug, placed on the floor in front of a chair, under a table, etc. noun 1. a small rug used to cover a limited area

  • Scattershot

    adjective 1. delivered over a wide area and at random; generalized and indiscriminate: a scattershot attack on the proposed program. adjective 1. random; haphazard: their approach to conservation is scattershot and unscientific

  • Scatter-shot

    noun 1. shot prepared for a weapon having a rifled bore or barrel.

  • Scattersite-housing

    or scatter-site housing [skat-er-sahyt] /ˈskæt ərˌsaɪt/ noun 1. public housing, especially for low-income families, built throughout an urban area rather than being concentrated in a single neighborhood.

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