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verb (used with object), scavenged, scavenging.
to take or gather (something usable) from discarded material.
to cleanse of filth, as a street.
to expel burnt gases from (the cylinder of an internal-combustion engine).
Metallurgy. to purify (molten metal) by introducing a substance that will combine chemically with impurities.
verb (used without object), scavenged, scavenging.
to act as a scavenger.
(of an engine or cylinder) to become scavenged of burnt gases.
to search, especially for food.
to search for (anything usable) among discarded material
(transitive) to purify (a molten metal) by bubbling a suitable gas through it. The gas may be inert or may react with the impurities
to clean up filth from (streets, etc)
(chem) to act as a scavenger for (atoms, molecules, ions, radicals, etc)


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