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adjective, Also, scenical
of or relating to natural scenery.
having pleasing or beautiful scenery.
of or relating to the stage or to stage scenery.
representing a scene, action, or the like.
a photograph, graphic representation, etc., depicting natural scenery.
a scenic tour:
to arrange scenics in advance.
of or relating to natural scenery
having beautiful natural scenery: a scenic drive
of or relating to the stage or stage scenery
(in painting) representing a scene, such as a scene of action or a historical event


Read Also:

  • Scenic-railway

    noun 1. a railroad that carries its passengers on a brief tour of an amusement park, resort, etc. scenic railway noun 1. a miniature railway used for amusement in a park, zoo, etc 2. a roller coaster

  • Scenic reserve

    noun 1. (NZ) an area of natural beauty, set aside for public recreation

  • Scenic route

    noun the long route or way to a destination; a road or path designed to take one past a pleasant view or nice scenery and usually less direct Examples We took the scenic route home after having trouble reading the map. Usage Note informal root 2

  • Scenographic

    noun 1. the art of representing objects in accordance with the rules of perspective. 2. scene painting (used especially with reference to ancient Greece). noun 1. the art of portraying objects or scenes in perspective 2. scene painting, esp in ancient Greece

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