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noun, Slang.
sweetheart; darling.


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  • Schaudinn

    noun 1. Fritz [frits] /frɪts/ (Show IPA), 1871–1906, German zoologist.

  • Schaumburg

    noun 1. a city in NE Illinois.

  • Schaumburg-Lippe

    [shoum-boo rk-lip-uh] /ˈʃaʊm bʊərkˈlɪp ə/ noun 1. a former state in NW Germany. Schaumburg-Lippe /German ˈʃaumbʊrkˈlɪpə/ noun 1. a former state of NW Germany, between Westphalia and Hanover: part of Lower Saxony since 1946

  • Schav

    noun, Jewish or Eastern European Cookery. 1. a cold soup of sorrel to which chopped egg, sour cream, lemon juice, and chopped scallions are sometimes added.

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