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  • Scheme library

    library (SLIB) A portable Scheme library providing compatibiliy and utility functions for all standard Scheme implementations. Version 2c5 supports Bigloo, Chez, ELK, GAMBIT, MacScheme, MITScheme, PocketScheme, RScheme, Scheme->C, Scheme48, SCM, SCSH, T3.1, UMB-Scheme, and VSCM. ( (1999-06-07)

  • Scheme-linda

    A Scheme interface to Linda written by Ulf Dahlen of University of Edinburgh in 1990. It runs on the Computing Surface and the Symmetry. [“Scheme-Linda”, U. Dahlen et al, EPCC-TN-90-01 Edinburgh 1990]. (1994-12-15)

  • Scheme object system

    (SOS) Chris Hanson? ( [Description?]

  • Scheme repository

    A collection of free Scheme programs. (

  • Scheme-to-c

    language A Scheme compiler written in C that emits C and is embeddable in C. Scheme-to-C was written by Joel Bartlett of Digital Western Research Laboratory. Version 15mar93 translates a superset of Revised**4 Scheme to C that is then compiled by the native C compiler for the target machine. This design results in a portable […]

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