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schistocelia schis·to·ce·li·a (shĭs’tə-sē’lē-ə, skĭs’-)
A congenital fissure of the abdominal wall.


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  • Schistocormia

    schistocormia schis·to·cor·mi·a (shĭs’tə-kôr’mē-ə, skĭs’-) n. A congenital cleft of the trunk, usually accompanied by imperfectly developed lower extremities. Also called schistosomia.

  • Schistocyte

    schistocyte schis·to·cyte (shĭs’tə-sīt’, skĭs’-) n. A red blood cell having an abnormal shape as a result of fragmentation that occurs as the cell flows through damaged small vessels.

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  • Schafers-method

    noun 1. a method of artificial respiration in which the patient is placed face downward, pressure then being rhythmically applied with the hands to the lower part of the thorax. Schafer method or Schafer’s Method [shey-fer] /ˈʃeɪ fər/ noun 1. prone pressure method.

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