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[skiz-oh-mahy-seet, -mahy-seet, skit-soh-] /ˌskɪz oʊˈmaɪ sit, -maɪˈsit, ˌskɪt soʊ-/
any of numerous microorganisms of the subkingdom (or phylum) Schizophyta, kingdom Monera, comprising the bacteria.
(formerly) any microscopic organism of the now obsolete class Schizomycetes, which included the bacteria

Schizomycetes Schiz·o·my·ce·tes (skĭz’ō-mī-sē’tēz)
A class of unicellular or noncellular organisms that lack chlorophyll, comprise all the bacteria, and are prokaryotes, although formerly classified as fungi. Also called fission fungi.

schizomycete schiz·o·my·cete (skĭz’ō-mī-sēt’)
A member of the Schizomycetes; a bacterium.


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